Retro Vibes!

Hello Friends,

I’ve been kinda wearing the same three colors for the past couple of days. I’ve been going for the classic combo of Red, Black and White. The inspiration for my look was just simply retro. I’ve had a pair of high waist jeans for a long time now, nothing better than to pair it with a stripe top, red lip, and cat eye sunnies.  Out the door I went and conquered my day in style of course.

Do you ever channel a certain look for the day? Leave a comment below

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Hello Summer!

Hello Friends,

Summer is officially here!! and wow, it is really sizzling here in the O-town. So the only thing I want to do is hide in the A/C, well, that’s not an option because life must go on :). On Sunday the hubby and I finally had some free time for ourselves for a couple of hours. We decided to hit up the town, and what better way to do it in this blistering heat than with a comfy casual outfit?  I have been gravitating towards dresses lately, there is something about the easiness of them that really attracts me.  I can’t wait to slowly start adding more into my closet and sharing my looks with you. Summer’s never felt so easy. Do you have a Summer go-to style? Leave a comment below

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Summer’s Must-Have Accessories!

Hello Friends,

Welcome June! I can’t believe we are already 6 months into this year. Wow this year has flown, with that being said we are two weeks away from Summer. Everyone knows what that means beach days, hot weather, and most importantly cute style.


**Photo Credit: Google Images**

Today I want to talk about Summers hottest accessories! ladies lets face it it’s easy to put that outfit together so why not make it better :)

Shoes: There are three shoe styles that you need to buy this summer: espadrilles, gladiator sandals and mules.

The classic espadrille has a canvas top and a jute rope sole. They’re perfect for both a trip to the beach and paired with a summer dress for a night out.

Gladiator sandals were all over the runway, from Valentino to Chloe. If you’re intimidated by this trend, you can always choose a sandal that doesn’t go as high up the leg, or wear a pair with a midi skirt for a more subtle look.

Mules were another runway standout, showing up at Proenza Schouler, Calvin Klein Collection and Tory Burch. They’re easy to slide on, but just as chic in a platform or chunky heel as a stiletto, so you can wear them from the office to after work drinks.

Bags: Summer is all about the mini bag, from the minaudiere to the cross-body to the bucket. Mini bags are great because they help you simplify your life and it’s less to carry around when you’re on the go all summer.

A minaudiere is basically like jewelry in handbag form.  gold clasp. It’s the perfect accessory for a summer wedding. Before you buy one, make sure that it fits your phone, lipgloss and whatever else you might need for a night out.

 Crossbody comes in tons of bright, and poppy hues.

Bucket bags could seem too casual for evening, but there are some out there with gold straps to fancy up that outfit. The best thing about these bags is that they fit everything you need.

Sunglasses: Retro is a big trend this summer, from cat eyes to mod.

Mirrored Glasses: Celebrities love the mirrored sunglasses trend.

Hats: Straw hats are a must for summer. They look super chic and best of all, they help protect your skin from the sun. You can either choose a floppy version or a more structured fedora version to stay cool.


With that being said ladies I hope to see you all rocking these hot accessories. Will you be wearing all of these? leave a comment below





The W Event!

Hello Friends,

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the W Event. For those of you who are not familiar, The W Event is a fundraiser fashion show, which started as a vision from Dr. Francelis Ivette Gonzalez in 2014. She loves the Art of Medicine and the Art of Fashion; where the body is the canvas for beautiful and Avant-Garde clothing. The event was the perfect opportunity for the prestigious and fashion forward cities of Winter Park and Winderemere to bring their networks together at the beautiful Jaguar Orlando dealership.

As soon as I entered the dealership you could feel it was going to be an amazing night. I decided to go for a comfortable but dressy look. I knew from planning my look I wanted to have some fun. I added a pop of color and out the door I went. I can say it was one of my favorites looks I’ve had an in a while. 







As I entered the event I was quickly greeted by the Shel Marks PR team. Since I had arrived a bit early this was the perfect opportunity to look around at all the awesome vendors. And munch on some yummy appetizers, and drink some delicious wine.


IMG_9501 IMG_9502







After mingling with plenty of people and meeting other fashion bloggers it was time for the show! From the moment it started there was so much energy in the room. Everything that came down that run way that night was breath taking and so fashion forward. I remember thinking to myself “Oooo I want that” to almost everything :). This show had some great presenters like Forema Boutique, Tuni Winter Park, Cloak and Dapper, and even Lulu Lemon Athletica just to name a few. This night was beautifully executed and I’m so happy I was able to be apart of all of it. Thank you So much to Shel Marks PR for giving me the opportunity to work with you again! I had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store. Enjoy these pics from the runway!

Love Chicki







IMG_9608 IMG_9618










Doll Baby: 5 Mascaras for Doll-like Lashes

Hello Friends,

I have been searching for a month now for the perfect mascara, to get those baby doll lashes. You know like the ones that were all over Spring Fashion week! I got so happy when I found this wonderful article I had to share it with you! I’m so ready to head to the store and test one of these beauties. Come check out this article and also feel free to drop me other mascara suggestion that you have tried and swear by :)

Love, chicki


5 Mascaras for Doll-like Lashes


This season we’re all about layering our lashes to create a playful, wide-eyed look. Indeed, present across a number of the SS15 catwalks innocent lashes with a doe-eyed, doll-look effect was a ruling statement on the runways. And, while it may seem fairly one-dimensional, the makeup masters behind each of the looks demonstrated how varied this style can actually be.

Altuzarra gave models a casual, bright-eyed feel by grouping lashes together in the centre of the eye, while head makeup artist Gordon Espinet described the look at DSquared2 as “geek girls dressing glam”, which involved a bolder, more clumped together 60s mod feel. Sibling on the other hand went all out with full, fat and fluttery lashes for a Barbie-esque beauty finish.

However, whatever the overall effect, the underlying rule was the bigger and blacker, the better – here are our top five product picks to help you mimic this look like a pro.

1. Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara

Making their way into most of our must-have makeup edits, a Lancome mascara is always a household favourite here in GTG, with it never-failing to give our lashes the lift they deserve – and this Doll Eyes version is of no exception.

Working to coat each individual lash (without weighing them down), the conical-shaped brush builds colour on longer lashes, while also reaching to enhance even the tiniest of corner baby lashes. Add to this their Fibershine formula that’s enriched with nylon polymers and the end result is a beautiful set of fanned out, fluttery lashes.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Baby doll Mascara

Another surefire way to give your lashes some doll-eye drama is with this Yves Saint Laurent mascara masterpiece.

Using a micro-faceted brush this product works by creating a va va voom volume effect. On one side thick, spaced bristles coat the lashes and create volume for a clumpy, bolder look. While fine, close bristles on the alternate side help to reach smaller lashes for when trying to achieve a full fringe effect.

3. Benefit Roller Lash mascara, 

For the flirtiest finish of them all there’s nothing better than Benefit’s new revolutionary Roller Lash mascara.

Inspired by the tried and tested technique of old-fashioned hair rollers this brush works on a ‘hook ‘n’ roll’ basis – whereby it links into each individual lash and separates them, while also lifting and curling for the ultimate fluttering effect.

Not just the work of a brilliant brush, the formula of the mascara also contains a curve-setting ingredient that holds its shape for a whopping 12 hours, while Provitamin B5 & Serin are added for their lash-conditioning benefits.

4. Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

Bolstered by their extensive backstage expertise, Dior knows a thing or two when it comes to faking a flutter. This Iconic Overcurl mascara is inspired by the world-class of the big-screens greatest beauty icons – that’s right we’re talking the Marilyns, Hepburns and Bardot’s.

With a super incurved brush (modelled after professional eyelash curlers don’t you know), it works to deliver an extreme curl, while the stretch-effect formula creates spectacularly shaped lashes. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes in three different shades – brown, black and blue – depending on how drastic you want your doe-eyed look to be.

5. NYX Doll Eyes Mascara

For a slightly more affordable option, this NYX product is a thing of pure beauty – not to mention a near enough alternative to false lashes.

Created using a unique blend of natural oils, Vitamin E and nylon fibers, this mascara works to extend eyelashes to faux-finish proportions. Available in three different varieties, choose between a wide-eyed lengthening mascara, a more mod-like voluminous option (our personal favorite), or a waterproof formula for long-lasting lash lusciousness.


Trendage Review!

Hello Friends, I have such an exciting post to share with you today! I got the great opportunity to work with this company called Trendage. Trendage is a brand new fashion website & app. With Trendage, you build beautiful looks using products from top retailers. Easily mix & match between different brands to express & build your style. Every clothing product in every look you create is available for purchase from the shops you love most.


What an amazing concept, right? When they asked me to work with them of course I said yes. Let me tell you why I’m so excited about this app: When I was a little girl I used to play with paper dolls. I would cut out models from magazines, and would even go as far as cutting out different clothes, to tape them on top of the model, to create different looks.  I’ve always had a fashionable imagination! I feel like this app was made for me! I often find myself online extensively searching for apps or websites that can help me put looks together. I like that this feels like the grown-up version of paper dolls and it gives me a nostalgic feeling reliving those times. The good thing about this app is that its free.  Setting up my account was as easy as creating a user name and a password. Once inside the app, it was very easy to navigate.  The main menu contains 5 sections, which are: Vote (Which gives you the option to vote on your favorite look), Want (Based on the looks you like and create), Create A Look (This is the main reason for the app, this is where the fun begins). There you can virtually dress your model in anything that you want, they have selections from shirts, pants, dresses, jewelry, bags and even shoes, the possibilities are endless with this section. When you’re satisfied with the look you can save it and it’ll be saved on your profile. The last two sections are: Profile, and Settings. I’ve been playing around with this app for a couple of weeks now and I did spot some differences, from the experience using the website. The main one is that the app is still sometimes slow, which, it’s not a deal breaker, and I’m sure that with future updates it’ll be taken care of.  Another thing that I’ve noticed is that the website gives you the option to purchase the piece of clothing, So does the app but it is a little tricky to find. You have to look Under Vote or My Profile sections, if you click the 3 dots next to a look, it will bring up another panel that shows the retailer name, price and a buy button. Clicking the buy button will take you to the retailer’s website. One thing that I’ve noticed is that you don’t get the option to layer. On the website or the app For example, I wanted to try a look of a jacket on top of a dress, and unfortunately at this moment it either chooses the dress or the jacket. Another example is putting boots on top of jeans, it will always put the boots under the jeans. Still, not a deal breaker, just observations :) This app has given me countless hours of entertainment. I thoroughly enjoy using this app, I love the high quality of images used (I like that I can see all the details in the clothing). Everything in this app is very fashion forward and all the clothing is on trend. Gosh! I wish I was the model being dressed in the app! :) Below you will find some pictures of the app in action.  I want to give a big thank you to Trendage for giving me this opportunity! Make sure you download the app and visit their website ( love, chicki



The Main Menu to help you navigate the App


Just Swipe to the left to see different categories of clothing.


Here are some of my creations


White Simplicity…

Hello Friends,

What an eventful weekend I’ve had so far!

On Saturday morning I had the pleasure of assisting a good friend in the revamp of her clothing line and website. I won’t get too much into it in this post, because I have so much to say, and I can’t wait to share it with you when the time is right!

In the afternoon I attended my niece’s sweet sixteen. While I was preparing my look for this event I knew that the occasion called for something elegant, yet simple, so I decide to wear a beautiful white midi dress with lace detail. The keyword for my look was simplicity.  Clean, defined details even down to the hair & accessories.

Overall this has been one of my favorite looks (that I’ve worn in a really long time for a special occasion) I felt very feminine and beautiful.

The night was filled with food, music and laughter, most of all I got to spend it with my hubby’s side of the family.

Nights like these are worth blogging about :)

love, chicki